ClearZal Silk Foot Food

ClearZal Silk Foot Food

Brand: Clearzal
Product Code: CZFOOD
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The perfect food for your feet, prevents moisture loss by attracting and retaining the skin's natural hydration. Urea based cream enriched with a blend of Aloe, Rosemary, Lavender & Thyme leaves your skin silky soft and smelling great.

Foot Food is the staple ingredient for your skin's nutrition. A pair of feet contains 250,000 sweat glands leading up to half a pint of moisture lost each and every day. Therefore, it is vital to replace the moisture to avoid skin drying out. Dry skin is the most common problem associated with foot care and many professional treatments start off by addressing this issue. Foot Food contains lots of Aloe Vera and high grade Urea to moisturise and retain the skin's natural hydration.

The best kept secret of professional chiropodists and podiatrists, is now widely available online and on the high street. Despite many foot creams on the market, you can feel the difference with ClearZal's product because of the quality of ingredients. A much thicker cream denotes quality, and it's important to avoid water-based formulas as this weakens the beneficial effects.

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