ClearZal BAC Antimicrobial Solution 30ml

ClearZal BAC Antimicrobial Solution 30ml

Brand: Clearzal
Product Code: CZBAC
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ClearZal's cleansing and sanitising nail solution. Kill fungus and bacteria with the UK's best selling antimicrobial nail solution.

Lacquer, alcohol, acid, odour & parabens free.

Apply twice daily: once in the morning and once at night.

ClearZal BAC works underneath the nail to cleanse the nail and kill germs. You can wear false nails, artificial nails or nail varnish while using ClearZal BAC on your nails.

The solution comes in a 30ml bottle, making BAC the most cost-effective solution with an active. Many similar products don't contain an active, and play on the qualities of tea tree oil. Benzalkonium Chloride, ClearZal's active ingredient, is widely used for it's properties and is found in many products, from household cleaners and shampoo to eye drops and disinfectant solutions.

You can purchase ClearZal BAC directly from ClearZal here.


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